Friday, December 9, 2011

Catching Jordan

I got to say Catching Jordan was outrageously good for someone   like me who's not really into sport novels. P.S. I can't wait for the companion novels of Catching Jordan.

I loved Jordan Woods, she was strong, talented, and unique. She is a girl, the only girl on a all guys football team at her high school, did I mention she's a quarterback and six-feet tall. All the guys on the team respect and listen to her when she gives out orders. She's focused and ready when it comes to football, until Ty comes into her life. Ty was also a quarterback at his old school in Texas where he moved from. He immediately catches Jordan's eye. Jordan's friends are all mainly guys on her team but doesn't find them anyrthing other than freinds. I liked her best friend Sam Henry, he was sweet and he always has her back. Jordan has never had a boyfriend, or a kiss. Ever since Ty has come into her life things have started changing.

I loved how this book waas not on all sports but other stuff too, like friendship, family, school, and love. I also enjoyed how Kenneally added football games and sports into this novel. I found it enjoyable, and I cried in parts of this book. I also mainly love how supportive her teamates were of Jordan in this book. The guys got overprotective in parts but it was cute. This book definatley catched my eye when I first read the discription on GoodReads. I recommend this to anyone even if you don't know anything about sports.

Overall Raitings 5/5

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lola and the Boy Next Door

   Lola believes in costume. Everyday she has a new fun and exciting outfit, not your typical type of clothing. Nobody has interfered between her and her boyfriend Max's relationship well maybe both of her dads and her old neighbor, and former love, Cricket, that has just moved back into town. Lola's scared and mad at the same time discovering that Cricket has moved into town again. Will she stay with her rocker boyfriend Max or realise that she still has feelings for Cricket?

   Wow Stephanie Perkins has done it again! I loved her other novel Anna and the French Kiss and no doubt about it I loved how she linked Anna and the French Kiss with Lola and The Boy Next Door. This is one of therefore, most unique and exquisite novels I've read. I loved how Lola is not afraid of what others think about how she dresses, one of the qualities I most endure. As for Cricket he's weird in a very good way. He's sweet and has also always liked Lola.
With no further due I have to say I was very impressed by this novel. When I heard the description of the book I thought it was very well weird indeed but after I've consumed every page of this book I thought wow have I thought wrong. In the meantime I look forward to reading Isla and The Happily Ever after the final companion novel to Anna and the French Kiss. 

Overall Score:5/5

Thursday, October 27, 2011


     First I have to say I'm totally team Ren because Shay just irks me. Shay, a human turned wolf by Calla, another wolf, as I was saying Shay's personality is just plain annoying.

     Calla as I mentioned is an alpha wolf, she ran off trying to save Shay and teams up with the known to be 'enemy' to save her pack from being killed and tortured. Cremer wrote an extraordinary sequel, Wolfsbane, Nighshade, the first book of the series. In my opinion I thought the mid to end of Wolfsbane was written with alot of action and thought while the beginning of the book just made me want to fall asleep and give up on the book. After I read the ending of the book my thought was I need to read the next book so badly. Creamer left the ending on a cliffhanger. I anticipate to read her next novel. I have high expectations for this series and hope to wanting more.

overall score: 4/5 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Demon King(Seven Realms Book 1

Times are hard in the mountain city of Fellsmarch. Reformed thief Han Alister will do almost anything to eke out a living for himself, his mother, and his sister Mari. Ironically, the only thing of value he has is something he can’t sell. For as long as Han can remember, he’s worn thick silver cuffs engraved with runes. They’re clearly magicked-as he grows, they grow, and he’s never been able to get them off.

While out hunting one day, Han and his Clan friend, Dancer catch three young wizards setting fire to the sacred mountain of Hanalea. After a confrontation, Han takes an amulet from Micah Bayar, son of the High Wizard, to ensure the boy won’t use it against them. Han soon learns that the amulet has an evil history-it once belonged to the Demon King, the wizard who nearly destroyed the world a millennium ago. With a magical piece that powerful at stake, Han knows that the Bayars will stop at nothing to get it back.

Meanwhile, Raisa ana’Marianna, Princess Heir of the Fells, has her own battles to fight. She’s just returned to court after three years of relative freedom with her father’s family at Demonai camp – riding, hunting, and working the famous Clan markets. Although Raisa will become eligible for marriage after her sixteenth name-day, she isn’t looking forward to trading in her common sense and new skills for etiquette tutors and stuffy parties.
Raisa wants to be more than an ornament in a glittering cage. She aspires to be like Hanalea-the legendary warrior queen who killed the Demon King and saved the world. But it seems like her mother has other plans for her–plans that include a suitor who goes against everything the Queendom stands for.

The Seven Realms will tremble when the lives of Han and Raisa collide in this stunning new page-turner from bestselling author Cinda Williams Chima

First, a random quote from the book:

"You're no warrior, Hunts Alone"- Willow Riversong

Second, an apology to the (nonexsistent) fans of this blog. I'm sure you were all devestated by the fact that I didn't bring humor, sunshine, and great jokes to your lives for a period. Yup, I can already here people laughing. At me.

Third, a question. Who is the other co author of this blog, known only as The Reader. I have several likely suspects: My cousin, her sister, my cousins language arts teacher, Quentin Tarterino(or however you spell it), Bruce Wane, Dick Grayson, my cousins deformed goldfish, my Rottweiler, Peyton Manning, E.T., and me. Now, to the review.

This book is what most people would typically expect from a fantasy book. There's magic, a princess, a fractured world with Seven Kingdoms, a few wizards hellbent on taking the kingdom for their ownand a lot of political intrigue. However, their are a few breaks from the norm. The Princess, Rasia, is strong willed, stubborn, and has no need of being saved. Instead, she decides to save herself. The other main character, Hanson Alister, is not some knight in shining armor. He's a down on his luck former gang leader who is trying to make a living. Their meeting is chance, and there is no romance between them( in the second book.... I won't spoil it.) Finally, one of those wizards, Micah Bayar, doesn't care about getiing the kingdom. He just wants Rasia as his bride.This and a few more items that I've forgotten, along with great writing, help this book stand out. What stood out the most to me was the ending. It delivers a unexpected conclusion for both characters, leaving at a cliffhanger and basically forcing you to read the second book. All in all, I love this book. So far, I've read it over about 5 times, and it's still good.

Rating: 5/5

Die for Me by Amy Plum

Die For Me is such a heartfelt, devastatingly, beautiful story about a girl who deals with choosing a life without trouble, and living with sadness or a dangerous life but being with the one she desires most. I totally envy Kate Beaumont Mercier, she gets to live in Paris, the city of lights,  and she gets to hang out with the mysterious Vincent Pierre Henri Delacroix. I also feel for her, both of her parents died and for a time she leaves Vincent because she doesn't want to feel the pain every time Vincent has to die. Vincent Pierre Henri Delacroix, stunningly handsome and charming but his life is not all cracked up to be from having to die all the time and losing his love for the girl who died decades ago. The he meets the American Kate Mercier, the girl who makes him feel the love he thought he lost long time ago enters his immortal world. Amy Plum caught me off guard with her beautiful descriptive writing. Die for Me is defiantly on my radar and I'm really excited for the sequel to the book possibly coming out in the year 2012.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

      Beautifully written, this book sucked me in like a vortex. Balanced with mystery, powers, and new love this book is one of the best books I've read in 2011. Mara, the main persona, I loved not just because of her sarcastic personality but also is a person that is very exicting to read about. Mara trying to find the truth about herself after the incedent that caused her to lose someone she cared about very much. And Noah the guy i couldn't stop reading about in the book caught my eye a moments notice. Noah very wealthy and loving Noah also discovers that theres something off about him too not just Mara. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is a very insightful book to read. It taught me that there is always hope even in the worse moments or situations in life.I'm really exicted for the sequel to this novel and I'm definetly going to read it.                                                        

Overall Raiting 5/5

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Quote at Random (1)

"She did not turn to see him looking after her, a still black silhouette against the last embers of the burning sky."
-Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare